Take a deep Breath and follow the Echo

Dive into a hostile, alien world and explore the sea 4000 feet below the oceans surface.
Take a seat in a DSM-V Mark 4 submarine and find the blackbox of Saratogas sister ship, the Lexington.
Are you up to this task, commander?

About this Experience

Deep Echo was created by Raffaele Picca as a VR Experience for the Oculus Rift DK2.
Planned as a playable game, this is the first step into this big project.
The music, composed and produced exclusively by Raffaele Du Marteau, gives this Experience a strong atmosphere.

Download and Recommended Hardware

You can download the latest version of the Experience here:

Download Deep Echo
(0.22 - Build for 0.4.4 Oculus Runtime)

Download Deep Echo - Mirror 1
(0.23 - Build for Oculus Runtime)

Download Deep Echo - Mirror 2
(0.23 - Build for Oculus Runtime)

Powerful hardware setup is recommended to have the best Experience (Test rig: i5 and GTX970).


SPACE - Reset orientation
ENTER - Start Demo
1 - 5 Number Keys - Change Quality Setting
V - Enable/Disable VSync

Reviews & Videos

If you made a video or posted something about our VR Experience, we are happy to see it!
Just tell us via mail!


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Version Info

0.23 - Update 2
VSync option added
More optimisations for better framerate
0.2 - Update 1
Massively improved performance
Much sharper image in the DK2
Quality Settings introduced
Some bug fixes (cave explosion timing)
New HUD element
Level updated with more details and elements

0.1 - First release, known bugs:
- crashes randomly in rare occasions.

While the Experience already offers a good experience, it is still worked on giving it more polishing, especially in the last quarter.
Also the performance is a big problem, I am working on getting the best out of the engine, but there is still some room to get more out of it

Contact & Impressum

picster (at) pixelgod (dot) net
Raffaele Picca

Pranthochstr. 1
86150 Augburg